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A living room interior space to look good is an important thing, as it is the welcoming space for guests in most of the houses. It is the place where you hang out with your friends and family. For most of the houses it is the place where you see television, they read books, take a short nap, get entertained and ate food. Moreover it is a multifaceted space in your home. Thus it should be given such importance while doing the interior design. The Feza interiors are the best interior designers in Ernakulum, to design the best living room interior designs. Here we discuss about few tips on the living room interior designing.


Floating your furniture in the living room will help you to have a better conversation. This will help you in creating a more intimate space in your living room. Just imagine, all your furniture is kept against the walls and you are having a conversation. It will be quiet difficult and odd looking. The Feza interior designers recommend you to keep your furniture floating as it gives a feeling of more space and comfort in your living room.


The best interior designers in the world suggest keeping a larger rug in your living rooms. To have a complete feeling of the rug all your furniture’s legs should be on the rug. If you have a sofa kept against the wall, then its front legs must be on the rugs. Instead of keeping a smaller rug in your room, it is always better to keep a larger one. This will help in unifying the space.


Giving an overhead light is usually harsh. For most of us a soft glow gives a more intimate vibe but some others may not prefer this. To have a more sophisticated light, give light from a variety of sources. The sources can be like table lamps, wall sconces, floor lamps, candles, etc. in the room. Lights always play a major role in interior spaces. These kinds of rare interior design ideas made the Feza interiors to be different from other interior designers.


The coffee tables must be in the same height of your sofa or your seating. This is because; while in a conversation you or your guest may be in a need of keeping a drink or something down on a table. Also the end tables must in the height or a few inches above the height of your sofa. This height will be more convenient for keeping or taking anything from the table.

These are the few unavoidable but usually neglected things in interior designing. Remember to take care of these things, to make your interior space to look awesome. The specialty of the Feza interiors are, they always care each and every part of the interior designs and ultimately give the perfect result as the customers expectation. Thus having a lot of satisfied customers throughout Kerala.

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