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Sometimes, it may not be possible for us to have a large house or large bedroom. It may be due to lack of money, land or due to any other reason. But it is possible to make your smaller room to look larger than it actually is. Most of us would like to make our bedrooms bigger and also want to create more space for storage. The Feza interiors always give the best interior design ideas to make your house look spacious, stylish and adorable. The ideas discussed below may help you with this problem.  


Avoid the free standing furniture or any bulky accessories in the bedrooms, because it requires a lot of space. This gives an untidy look. Giving built in storages to store the things is a practical solution to this. They help to free up floor space, which is valuable. Giving mirrors on the wardrobe doors and choosing white furniture can do even more to this problem. An empty area under the windows or the sloping ceilings and awkward corners can be made into practically useful spaces.

The Feza interiors will fit furniture slots around these kinds of spaces and make use of it. We always try keeping the spaces to its maximum. These qualities made us to become the best interior designers in Kerala.


Giving the right color to your bedroom is a key factor. Soft and soothing hues can do good to have a relaxing and calm scheme. Giving only a single shade of color in a room can also give a sense of space in the room. But sometimes giving your favorite textures or colors on a single wall will also look good for you in your bedroom.

In your bedroom, if the bed is the focal point it is better to keep the windows accessories to look simple. We can use the Roman blinds or the shutters work which is best suited in small spaces. As the large curtains will feel more cluttered and create a cozy feel in the bedroom.


Imagine when you have a bed in your bedroom that is more than a space to sleep. If it also gives a space beneath it for the storage or pillows, bed sheets or other items, it can be a space saving idea. When you choose a bedside table look for styles of roomy drawers that help to keep the room clutter free. Keep the furniture in the room neat and that let you to have no clutters inside your bedroom. Thus makes you to feel more comfortable inside your bedroom, by creating a cleaner look. 

The Feza interiors have been giving the interior design services since decades, all in a systematic, practical and cost effective manner. The works of the Feza interiors proved its dedication in the interior designing and the best interior designers of Feza are excellent at doing creative designs. All these led the Feza interiors to become the best interior design company in Kerala.

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